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About Us

BAFFIN TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS LIMITED has extensive experience of working with disabled children, young adults and adults with special needs. 

We work with and understand the numerous challenges faced by them, their families and by professional carers.

Our goals include recognising, understanding and focusing on the problems affecting people with disabilities, their families and professional carers.  Together, we develop innovative solutions using patented technology.

We offer products that eliminate the known disadvantages of the current rehabilitation equipment and provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for complex medical needs.


About Us


The United States Patent “Seat with adjustable back profile”, Patent No.: US 9,119,473 B2
The European Patent “Seat with adjustable back profile”, Patent No.: EP 2,651,265 B1

Introducing new solutions for currently known issues and identifying new problems to tackle are amongst our most important principles. Our willingness to expand into new markets is dictated not only by our desire to develop our enterprise but also to improve the lives of those in need.


About Us


We create innovative medical products based on years of design and construction experience.  We work with our customers and respond to their needs and expectations. We run research and development work and our products are protected by national and international patents.