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Sylwia Suchecka and Baffin Trio

Sylwia Suchecka and Baffin Trio

Baffin Trio - technology that makes all the difference for Sylwia


A Northamptonshire teenager with cerebral palsy, who recently had surgery to stabilise her hip, has become the first person in the UK to receive an innovative standing device called Baffin TRIO, to aid her recovery and support her long-term medical goals.

Sixteen-year-old Sylwia Suchecka lives in Daventry with her parents, Marzena and Darius, her seven-year-old brother, and a baby sister.

She suffers from cerebral palsy affecting her four limbs. Sylwia relies on a power wheelchair to get around as she has rigid muscles in both arms and legs, and weakness down her right side.

Although this young girl was previously able to crawl and sit without support, she lost these abilities after the muscles in her hip and knees began to tighten and her hip became dislocated, leaving her in need of a surgery to release the muscles and stabilise her hip.

Furthermore, her right side muscles’ weakness causes poor postural positioning while sitting and when in an upright position during standing exercises, leading to significant posture deterioration over the time.

Darius, said his daughter hadn’t been able to use a standing frame since her medical condition deteriorated. The NHS was unable to provide any standing device, which would satisfy Sylwia’s complex medical needs.

Since May 2014, they have looked at many alternative standing devices available on the British market, but until now they have been unable to find one that will enable Sylwia to gain a satisfactory position. Unfortunately, Sylwia’s posture has worsened even more in the meantime.

 ”Now, with Baffin Trio I can easily transfer and appropriately position Sylwia, without any hassle or distress, with no time at all and without any help; just one person is needed and both of us feel safe throughout the entire process ”. Darius


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Mum Marzena said: “Having one at home means she will be able to use it on a daily basis. We could personalise this standing seat in many ways, it even comes with a tray that Sylwia can use to do her homework, eat, and play.

Using a remote control, Sylwia or her carer are able to change her position effortlessly, and by pressing a button, she can change her position from standing to sitting or lying down”.

Frequent changes of the user’s position also prevent formation of stiffness in the joints and muscles.

One of the main purposes of the new standing device for Sylvia was the passive correction of her posture while in the sitting position. Thanks to its unique and innovative construction, Baffin Trio enables optimal positioning of Sylwia’s spine and pelvis regardless of her difficult medical condition.

The innovative character of Baffin Trio lies in the resemblance of its backrest to the human spine.

Innovative constructional solutions enable individual fitting to each user. To achieve a desired shape of the backrest, there is a possibility to adjust the built-in spine so that it is corrective or anatomical.

Specially designed balancing system located in the sit equalises the load on the right and left side of the pelvis while sitting. Correct positioning of pelvis and spine allow to enforce the correct posture of the entire Sylvia’s body.

The Northamptonshire family, surprised with the improvements of their daughter’s condition and her recent achievements in relatively short period of time, are launching an appeal to all who can help to promote this essential, extraordinary, effective equipment for children, young people, and even adults with disabilities around the country.

The family of five are extremely happy with the support they have received from Liw Care Technology experts  - ”we couldn’t have hoped for better”.

After all, I am comfortable during my daily tasks, with no back pain and stress. I am the luckiest person alive. Finally.”