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Standing Frames

Baffin Automatic™

The multi-functional standing frame, Baffin Automatic™ is designed to set a child in sitting, standing or supine position.


The innovative system of built-in Second Spine®, side supports and pelvis correction, makes Baffin Automatic™  an excellent tool for physiotherapists.  It simplifies the change of the child's position from sitting to standing and is perfect for use in rehabilitation centres and at the home to continue the rehabilitation process.


The device stabilises the child in sitting, standing or supine position. 

 It is available in three sizes: S, M, L for children between 85cm and 130cm (2’8” - 4’3”) tall.

Baffin Automatic™

Advantages Baffin Automatic™

Due to the innovative system of built-in Second Spine®, side supports and pelvis correction, Baffin Automatic™ is an excellent tool for physiotherapists.  


It simplifies the process of setting a child into sitting or standing position. The spinal support along the whole length of the back helps reduce pressure on a single vertebra, while multi-positioning enables the change of an axial tension vector. 


Thanks to the remote control system, reaching a standing position is easy and effortless. A child can remain in the device all day.  It allows to change their position from standing to resting as often as required.  By keeping the body moving and not allowing it settle in just one position, the child’s overall wellbeing is improved.


Baffin Automatic™ allows a child to take part in educational activities, occupational therapy and play.  The device helps to activate the child and develop their cognitive functions.


As Baffin Automatic™ is fully adjustable, it ’grows’ with the user and allows long-term usage without the need to change the device.


Baffin Automatic™ is a user friendly, multi-functional device for both the child and the carer. 


The main benefits of Baffin Automatic™ include:


  • The ability to adjust to child’s anatomical shape


  • Innovative construction of back support imitating the human spine


  • Correction of postural defects through correct setting of user's pelvis and spine


  • Allows the user to stand, sit or lie down with full support


  • It can be easily manoeuvred


  • Multi-positioning


  • Can be used to gradually set a child into a standing position


  • System of removable under-arm straps, hip and side supports and armrests making it easier to transfer the child onto the device


  • System of comfortable and adjustable armrests


  • User friendly remote control


  • Removable, washable and hypoallergenic upholstery complying with Öko-Texstandards


  • Modern design


For whom? Baffin Automatic™


Baffin Automatic™ is designed for children with the following conditions:


cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, paralyses of various etiology, spina bifida, myelomeningocele, condition after a spinal injury, condition after a craniocerebral trauma, condition after strokes, incorrect posture, particularly scoliosis, when other treatment cannot be used.




  • Improving cardiovascular system efficiency


  • Preventing and treating venous insufficiency


  • Improving lung ventilation and preventing pneumonia


  • Preventing pulmonary embolism


  • Preventing and treating osteoporosis


  • Preventing and treating urinary stasis


  • Preventing and treating urinary stasis


  • Helping in neurogenic bladder re-education


  • Improving general wellbeing


  • Preventing muscular atrophies


  • Preventing and treating contractures, improving the mobility of joints


  • Treating and slowing down the progress of scoliosis in case of children who lost a walking function


  • Creating correct sitting pattern


Contraindications for using Baffin Automatic™ are the same as those against staying in upright position, including:


  • Atypical undesired reaction to upright position


  • Joint inflammation of different origins


  • Condition after long bone fractures with incomplete healing process 


  • Conditions after dislocations and other joint injuries


  • Increased body temperature




Thanks to its structure, Baffin Automatic™ makes it possible to put children with fixed contractures of a hip and a knee joint upright, however, such cases must be analysed individually.

Accessories Baffin Automatic™

Dynamic headrest

Dynamic head support system HEADPOD® for people with neck and upper body hypotonia. The Headpod system enables upright and correct body position, while allowing free and precise head movements and facilitating the development of neck muscles.


A large surface of the table ensures that eating and play is comfortable.


Adjusts to the anatomical shape and position of the head.

Side supports, vest and stabilising straps

Enables correction of postural defects by setting the user's spine and pelvis in the correct position.


Unique design of the footrests allow for individual adjustments and enables foot stabilisation according to detailed physiotherapist’s instructions.

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